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Last update: March 18th 2012

Hoogenoord b.v. is a small consultancy group, working all over the world with its roots in the Netherlands. We are specialised in growing vegetables, potplants and flowers on inert substrates. Our main specialization on these topics are:

We are working in a lot of countries all over the world and around the equator (because of producing in the winter period for Northern Europe). We are working in the following countries:

Together with a group of specialists in the Netherlands we are able to give you the right solutions to your questions and your problems. Besides we have contacts with a lot of research institutes and laboraties, we have entry to a lot of knowledge. Combined with our science about practical knowledge in the Netherlands, we are able to give you the right consult. With these instruments available, we enable you to get the optimal production out of your crop.

If you want more information, please apply to:

Hoogenoord BV
Solingstraat 19
3077ZG Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Fax: (00)3110-5913451
Mob: (00)316-53419245 (W. Hoogendam)


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Hoogenoord b.v. - Solingstraat 19, 3077ZG Rotterdam - Fax (010) 5913451 - IBAN NL48ABNA0872234657
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